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Written by Josh on January 16, 2015

Dear Texas Instruments,

I was required to buy one of your graphing calculators this year for algebra II at school. I gave you $100+ and bought a TI-84+ C Silver Edition. This is a very nice calculator, and generally works very well. However, I would to be able to solve systems of equations using this calculator. It can already solve almost any single equation you throw at it, given the values of all variables but one. I searched online, and your website offers an app called “Polynomial Root Finder and Simultaneous Equation Solver App for TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition” (nice name, by the way). To install applications on my calculator, I must install your TI Connect software on my computer. Thankfully, you have released a Mac version of this. I can tell that you have not updated it in several years (it says it only supports through 10.8, which was released two years ago), but at least you do not block newer versions like Linksys does. I downloaded the installer, and my computer informs me that I must close all applications and log out to complete the installation.

This begs the question, why? What is this application doing that requires me to completely log out to install it? The only other software that requires this is OS updates, which is understandable as they change the core of the system. TI Connect, though, only connects to a calculator via USB. As a programmer myself, I do not understand why this requires a log out. If it required a full reboot to change something in the kernel, I would understand. However, logging out and back in only restarts the window server and all running applications. No other applications should be affected by your software, nor should the window server. I find this decision by your developers to be rather odd. I would appreciate any insight.

Thank you for creating nice calculators, but your desktop software, at least on a Mac, is somewhat lacking.

Josh Oldenburg

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