Yet Another Redesign

Written by Josh on April 01, 2014

Yet again, I have redone this website. This website has gone through many iterations, and it has until recently been password-protected (.htaccess/HTTP Basic auth). I initially wrote HTML by hand (3rd or 4th grade, people!). I moved to Wordpress for a few weeks, and then found Drupal. I played around with Drupal for several years behind the password, with dynamic settings and a couple custom modules. A few weeks ago with the release of the Oracle app, I needed a public website with a support contact form and info about the app.

I took my existing Drupal setup, optimized it some, and removed all private content. I wrote a custom module that gave me contact forms specific to an app, and modified my theme to show the app’s price and a link to the App Store. I put many hours of work into it, and then didn’t touch the website for months. I originally intended to blog more, but that never came to fruition. I could hardly log in to the website as an admin because it was painfully slow. This discouraged me from writing, and eventually led to this reincarnation.

This website is currently entirely static HTML generated by an open source project called Wintersmith. It is a static site generator written in Javascript with node. (I tried Jekyll, a popular SSG written in Ruby, but I found that Liquid is an incredibly difficult (and ugly) templating language to work with.) Wintersmith uses Jade templates, which look simple and beautiful and are easily translatable to HTML without much thought. The blog uses a Wintersmith theme called wintersmith-bootstrap that is based off of Bootstrap. It might not look very good, but that’s what you get when I design things. You can see the source code of the website at GitHub.

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