Hosting MathJax Image Fonts Elsewhere April 04, 2016

This website uses MathJax to format math syntax. It parses \LaTeX code and outputs a mess1 of CSS code that positions the characters and symbols correctly. Most of the time, it uses web fonts. However, the fallback is an image font where every character of the font is an individual PNG file. This works out to about 30,000 individual files, all to support ancient browsers. I attempted to host these files myself, but they nearly broke git-ftp, which I use to upload files to the server automatically.

My solution to this was to host all of the MathJax files except for the image fonts myself, then redirect the image directory to the MathJax CDN. This is a very simple line in my .htaccess file:

RewriteRule ^bower/MathJax/fonts/HTML-CSS/TeX/png/(.*)$$1 [R=301,NC,L]

It seems to work, and frankly, outdated browsers are not a big concern on a website that gets essentially no page views.


Separate File Vault and Login Passwords April 02, 2016

It is not very easy to have separate passwords to unlock the full disk encryption (File Vault) and the user account on OS X. It tries very hard to synchronize the login users and the File Vault users, but with a few Terminal commands it is possible to separate them by creating another account that can only be used to unlock File Vault.


LaTeX Tricks October 25, 2015

Recently, I have beeing using \LaTeX for almost all of my word processing. In general it is wonderful, but there are some things that are more difficult to set up than they should be. Below are some solutions to problems I have run across.


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